It’s just two millimeters, but everything changes!

You’re in front of your desk. A white work space on your computer is asking to be filled. A new editorial or print project is coming. What are you thinking? What do you have to decide first? You can do whatever you want. But you have unfortunately a defined budget for printing.

How you can find a nice balance between your creativity and the budget?

I would like to get back to the first tip I gave you in this post: how a simple size change can be helpful?

The printing companies often are just quote-machines. They receive the quote request, they prepare the offer, send to the client and wait. That’s not really a big help you can receive. You need first at all a full consultancy about your project. Does your printer ask some more news about it? Is he interested to understand why you decided for those specifications? Is he able to give you the best solution in order to let you be completely satisfied?

The size is normally the first entry in the technical specifications list. It’s obvious that it’s the main point of your creative idea. You have certainly chosen it on the base of the type of the final object you want. You have however always the budget to respect. The size change is one of the simplest thing you can use to optimize the costs of your project. What it would be possible to do depends on:

  • type of paper you want: some are always available in different sizes (64×88, 64×90, 70×100, 72×102 etc.), others just in one or two.
  • sheets imposition: do you want the 8, 12, 16 or 32 pages signatures?
  • presence of inserts or specific finishing details

Don’t forget then to check it out before everything else.

If you need a customized consultancy about this, contact us, we’d be glad to help you!


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