3 Tips To Avoid Problems If Your Client Doesn’t Know Anything About Printing

People would like to have everything and immediately. It’s enough to promise that and they will listen to you. It’s enough to say that a miracle will be possible and they will follow you anywhere.

Problem: the miracles don’t exist.

Printing art books is not an activity as making spoons, with all the respect for the spoon-makers. Every project is completely different from the previous one and from the one is coming. The materials, the different production processes, the timings are always different. The expected quality is always on the top. There is not a magic button to push “from plain paper to book printed and bound”.

Yesterday I was speaking with a friend. He’s an experienced and talented graphic designer I like working with and we agreed how difficult is it every time to explain to the people involved in a project (writers, artists, curators, marketing managers etc.) about the printing processes. They don’t understand there is not THE magic button. But it’s not their fault, it’s up to us to teach them.

Designers/publishers and printers have to work as usual in team in doing it!

What do we need to pay attention? That’s my tips for you:

  1. agree in advance about the planning and the deadlines: printing a book is like building an house. Every brick should be placed in the right moment in the right place. Every missing passage or wrong step stopped the process and could cause delays, problems or extra-costs.
  2. ask for reactivity: we live in the internet era. Working is much easier and faster than 10-15 years ago. Let’s take advantage of that! Often the quick answers can let save a lot of time and money (e.g. order the paper, correct a mistake, organize shipping etc.)
  3. prevent the technical complication: everything can be made, personally I really love to experiment, to make tests and find unique technical solutions. Unfortunately it’s not always possible because there could be no time, no budget or neither of them. It’s important then to understand immediately if an idea is practicable or not on the base of the other factors and needs.

Remember that all this is possible just if you have a printer that work in partnership with you.

You’re not making spoons, you deserve a partner, not a supplier.

If you want that, contact me for your next project!

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