Why To Choose The Printer Is Like to Buy A New TV

Recently I’ve been contacted by an art magazine publisher who was interested in printing the issue 1. Since the first chat, I understood that he was quite confused about the printing industry but relieved to have found me.

When he set up the project of his magazine, he had the problem to find a printer. He decided then to google “magazine printer”. Could you imagine how many results he found it?!?

He was totally disorientated. He didn’t know anyone in the field and he began to go through all the information he found trying to understand which printer was the best option for him. Not easy at all, is it? Every printer seemed to have the best price, the best quality and the best service!

This situation is quite ordinary and not only for who is “new” in the editorial and publishing world. It’s like when you enter in a electronic store to buy a new TV and you have in front of you a wall full of them. It is quite intimidating, isn’t it? In this moment, you have to keep calm and be able to remind the answers to simple questions as for example:

  • Why do I need a TV?
  • Where do I want to put the TV? In a kitchen, in a bedroom, in a big living room..?
  • What will I watch on the TV (just TV shows or also Blu-Ray and videogames)?

Then you should start reading the labels with prices and technical specifications, trying to understand which TV will be the one which matches the target you defined. What a big deal! Imagine you have to find out what 200:1, 55”, 400 Hz, HDMI, HD etc. mean, why one TV should be better than other, why some TVs look the same but they have completely different prices.

What can you do then if you don’t have this information?

That’s clear: find a TV (not fridge, oven, computer, food or carpets) expert and professional sales assistant! He must listen to you and – after that – propose you the best option.

I know that it can sound heretical to you, but.. choosing your printer is not different from buying a NEW TELEVISION!

You have to:

  • Define the target of your publication and your customers expectations.
  • Look for an expert specialized in this target.
  • Explain him what you need and just wait for his advices to find together the best printing solution.

Remember to NOT choose primarily:

  • on price
  • on quality
  • on service

Every printer in the world always offers “best price, high quality and great service”. This is not reality, just cheap and useless marketing.

Choose instead on specialization and experience!

That’s what it makes the real difference, let you be finally satisfied and save time, energy and money.

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