Greece Will Be Not Saved by Antonio. Your Printing Project Neither.

Facebook is the main place of the “Today-I’m-Doing-Nothing” and “My-Opinion-Is-The-Right-One”. I obviously like me too scrolling to read what my friends are doing and news shared from all over the world.

In these days however I was quite disappointed to read everybody’s solutions to the Greece crisis. It looks like everyone has to say his opinion and he’s absolutely certain about. I understand indeed the wish to participate in the debate and to adopt one position or the other.. but wait: on what basis all these people are writing? Maybe they were in Greece for holidays, maybe they just watched TV news or maybe they read a random book about macro-economy. I don’t think however that they know exactly the situation, but they pretend to. It’s clear that all of us are a little like this, but wait.. someone is exaggerating! There are some matters for which all that isn’t harmful (fortunately the opinions of “Bob from Cleveland” or “Antonio da Napoli” don’t influence the political/economical context).

Nevertheless there are also some matters for which the ignorance is dangerous. Like when you listen to Bob or Antonio about your next art or luxury print project. Not every printer has the specific skills to manage a project like yours, but every printer pretends to and would say: “yes, we can afford that”. If you are collaborating with whatever printer (for example just because cheaper and/or closer), please to note that you are running a big risk. Is it worth? Not in my opinion.

Don’t follow and trust everyone proposal or opinion, find out here how and why you must place your trust in the right hands.

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