How to Achieve Profitable Print Relationships

ProfitableRelationshipOn a nice early summer morning, eleven years ago, an art curator parked his old green Jaguar in front of the printing company. It was clear from the beginning that he loved the nice things. With him, a very young graphic designer, at the beginning of his career. Both were excited about printing a new art catalogue for an incoming exhibition. The curator wanted the young graphic designer with him on this project. He believed in his skills. A nice opportunity. Read more

3 Things the Printing Companies Don’t Tell You

Sometimes I wonder if those who work in the field of sheet-offset printing have the interest or not to share their knowledge and skills with their customers. In fact unfortunately a lot of professionals – even with decades of experience as designers or publishers – do not know practically anything about the printing processes. It’s not indeed their fault, but why does this happen? Read more