Greece Will Be Not Saved by Antonio. Your Printing Project Neither.

Facebook is the main place of the “Today-I’m-Doing-Nothing” and “My-Opinion-Is-The-Right-One”. I obviously like me too scrolling to read what my friends are doing and news shared from all over the world.

In these days however I was quite disappointed to read everybody’s solutions to the Greece crisis. It looks like Read more

Don’t Want a Nightmare Printing? 5 Brutal Mistakes You Must Absolutely Avoid

the-nightmare-before-printingWhy is it so exciting going on press?

Personally I really love it. I can hear the sound of the presses, feel the smell of the ink, see the colors printed and touch the paper.

It’s clearly a full sensory experience. It’s worth then to live it in the best way.

Printing an art or luxury publication is not like printing Read more

Why To Choose The Printer Is Like to Buy A New TV

Recently I’ve been contacted by an art magazine publisher who was interested in printing the issue 1. Since the first chat, I understood that he was quite confused about the printing industry but relieved to have found me.

When he set up the project of his magazine, he had the problem to find a printer. He decided then to google “magazine printer”. Could you imagine how many Read more

How to Achieve Profitable Print Relationships

ProfitableRelationshipOn a nice early summer morning, eleven years ago, an art curator parked his old green Jaguar in front of the printing company. It was clear from the beginning that he loved the nice things. With him, a very young graphic designer, at the beginning of his career. Both were excited about printing a new art catalogue for an incoming exhibition. The curator wanted the young graphic designer with him on this project. He believed in his skills. A nice opportunity. Read more