Who we are

Abrigo Printing Consulting helps to realize the art and luxury publications projects. Our consultancy is offered just to the professionals: publishers, art galleries, graphic designers, artists and photographers. Our unique printing partner is Musumeci Spa, a leader on the European offset printing market for art and luxury books. Our long-time experience and flexibility guarantee always the best results.


Father & Son – Walter ABRIGO & MICHELE ABRIGO

My father and I have just a goal: the satisfaction of our client. Our job is helping the designers and the publishing houses to have success with the best and innovative solutions. After more than 30 years of very effective experience in managing the printing of art and luxury publications, we’re still improving and specializing trying to anticipate the most innovative technology and offering to our clients what they need to be the best on the market. This specific orientation allows our clients to avoid all the hardships deriving from working with generalist companies and to improve the quality of their products for the final demanding customer.

Walter’s purpose:

“I decided with my son to share on this blog my experience, derived from my results first hand of more than 30 years – as a CEO and a sales and production consultant. I want that it will be always available to designers and publishers who want to ameliorate their printing  products and increase the success among their customers.

I’m in the field of offset printing since 30 years: I experienced all the technological revolutions – from the use of the postscript language (1st in Italy, 2nd in Europe) to the latest presses with in-line measuring and control system – and I well know then how hard is to obtain excellent results.

In these many years my desire to grow and improve myself took me to always keep myself informed on market trends and customer needs.

I did not take long time to realize that what is often sold as “high-quality printing” has very little to do with what the market really demands. This is because the sheetfed offset printing has been provided by two categories of companies:
– the printing company that does everything (or almost) and that in the package of its offerings also offers “high-quality” services.
– the printing company that offers only “high-quality” services, but with a practically artisanal production, with consequent out-of-market prices and very long timings.
I was therefore forced to find solutions that allow my clients to have the best product, at the right price and with timings that permit an optimal management of the production process. Thanks to my ongoing collaboration with Musumeci, I am sure now to be able to help anyone who needs to print art or luxury publications with the latest and most effective technologies.

Since the printing companies rarely have the chance to have a specialist who deals only in art and luxury publications, I’m going to offer my experience on this blog to share what I’ve learned and I’m still learning all the time.”


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